Chgname 7.0


Chgname is a fast, comprehensive and very
flexible file management tool, which changes
the file NAMES, all -DATES, all -TIMES and
-ATTRIBUTES. The main task for Chgname 
is to enumerate large number of files with 
similar names (like name001.ext, 
name002.ext). Chgname also changes 
CHARACTER CASE of file names for easy 
transportation between operating systems. 
Further, Chgname shows a preview of all
the changes. Chgname is made very flexible
by a wildcard system and many other options
for composing file names. In addition lists of
filenames may be edited like text files for fast
and efficient editing for all kinds of filenames.
Chgname even has the capacity to set all file date-
and time stamps progressivly (created, modified,
accessed). Files are imported into a file list through
an open dialogue box, drag-and-drop form the
Explorer, through a search function which includes
searching through subdirectories or through the
command-line. Command-line parameters provide
the means for full automation. The files are either
moved into one directory, left where they are or
copied into one single directory. Chgname is ideal
for everyone who have demanding tasks which
includes keeping order in large number of for example
data files.

Renaming some .jpg files with enumeration from 10,
step 5 and minimum 5 digits. Prefix is "Pic", extension
is unchanged:
Pic00025.jpg ... etc.

Command line parameters:
/O:filename : Opens Chgname with the specified Quick settings/Options set (*.cns)
/L:filename : Opens Chgname with the specified file list (*.cls)
/S:path\files : Opens Chgname and searches for the specified files (drive:path\files)
/SR:path\files : Opens Chgname and searches for the specified files (recursive search)
/R : Makes Chgname rename files automatically, without opening the application

Automatic installation and uninstallation program.

For further information, see the included help file
and the about screen in Chgname.

About Chgname 7.0
- Programmed by Kjetil L. Nygård, 1998
- Written and Compiled in Delphi 4.0

This software is FREEWARE.
This software may be freely copied and distributed
by anyone and included in NON-PROFIT software.
(Includes shareware CD-ROMs that come with
magazines etc.)

No guarantee.