That You May Prosper:

Dominion By Covenant

by Ray R. Sutton

In the history of Christianity there has never been a theologian who has explained to anyone's satisfaction just what the Biblical covenant is. We have heard about "covenant theology" since Calvin's day, but can anyone tell us just what Calvin said the covenant is, how it works, and what common features are found in every Biblical covenant? Can anyone describe just exactly what the seventeenth-century Puritans had in mind when they used the word? They couldn't.

Have you read anywhere that the covenant is an inescapable concept, that it is never a question of "covenant vs. no covenant," that it is always a question of whose covenant? Has anyone explained how all societies have imitated the Bible's covenant model, or how Satan has adapted a crude imitation of the Biblical covenant?

Until Ray Sutton cracked the code of the Bible's covenant structure in late 1985, no one had gone into print with a clear, Biblically verifiable model of the covenant — or if anyone did, no trace of his work has survived. Covenant theologians have never adopted it.

You can check this for yourself. Read any book dealing with the Biblical covenant. See if it explains: (1) the structure of the covenant; (2) the uses of the covenant model in Bible history; (3) the application of the same covenant model in Bible texts, Old and New Testaments; (4) the history of the covenant's impact in the West; and (5) the continuing authority and importance of the Biblical covenant in modern life: church, state, family, business, etc.

Utilizing careful and detailed Biblical exposition, and practical and lucid Biblical application, Sutton shows just how God desires for us to obtain our promised victory. But he not only shows us all the hows of the covenant, he shows us all the whats, whens, wheres, and whys as well.

Whether your interest is theological or practical, philosophical or personal, sociological or devotional, That You May Prosper is certain to be an eye-opening contribution to your Christian walk.

366pp., indexed, bibliography, hardback, $15.95

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