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The Reformed Doctrine Of Predestination

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The Reformed Doctrine
of Predestination,

by Loraine Boettner

This book should be renamed to Orthodox Christianity. Studies in Reformed Theology couldn't recommend a better book on this admittedly difficult doctrine.  It is clear and easy to read. Almost every objection to predestination one could come up with is in this book . . . along with a Biblical refutation to the objection using Scripture proofs and the insights of John Calvin, Hodge, Warfield and others.

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Greg L. Bahnsen
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The Debate over Christian Reconstruction
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No Other Standard : Theonomy and Its Critics
Homosexuality, a Biblical View
Theonomy in Christian Ethics
By This Standard, 
by Greg L. Bahnsen

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Gary North / Institute of Christian Economics
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The Greatness of the Great Commission:
The Christian Enterprise in a Fallen World
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