Dire Straits of the Union,
by John F. McManus


On January 27th, President Clinton took a few minutes from the non-stop scandals which plague his Administration to deliver his State of the Union Address. At speech time, allegations of sexual indiscretion, suborning perjury, and covering up such serious misdeeds were swirling around the President. His audience, therefore, was much larger than usual, swelled in considerable part by a populace more interested in tabloid-style sex than in serious matters of state. But what he said deserves the ear of sober-minded Americans. Following are a few samples from the President's remarks, along with this author's personal observations:

* "A strong nation rests on the rock of responsibility....This year, Hillary and I launched the White House Millennium Program . . . to preserve our heritage and our culture."

Responsibility? Culture? This man's personal conduct is the epitome of irresponsibility, and the damage he has caused to our nation's culture is immense. Nowhere is this more evident than in the widely held attitude that his "personal conduct" should be of no concern to the American people.

* "We have the smallest government in 35 years."

Smaller than the middle of the Kennedy Administration of 35 years ago? Before the EPA, the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, and ballooning bureaucracies that strangle productive America? This is balderdash. There have been some recent cuts in federal employment but most of these were felt by the military, a vitally necessary government agency which is now dangerously weak.

* "I have something to say to each and every American family listening tonight: Your children can go to college."

The President proposed more federal Pell grants, cheaper student loans, federal tax cuts for education, tax-free education IRAs, and scholarships to cover the cost of community college. All of this amounts to a welfare bonanza for leftist and incompetent college professors and administrators, all of whom surely cheered the prospect of being able to launder millions more young brains.

* "[W]e will soon have, for the first time, a voluntary national test based on national standards in fourth-grade reading and eighth-grade math."

If government establishes national testing based on national standards, then government will necessarily determine curriculum, textbooks, and teaching methodology. Government will then have complete control of education, just like Mussolini's Italy, Hitler's Germany, Stalin's USSR, and any other totalitarian state.

* "Child care is the next frontier.... And I ask you to dramatically expand our support for after-school programs."

It ought to be obvious that these proposals call for government takeover of child-rearing from womb to adulthood. The government has entered this field because so many American homes find one spouse working to supply family needs and the other working to pay taxes. The family, the basic unit of society, is being attacked by government and the President has offered government control of children in response.

* "I am pleased to announce that four former chairmen of the Joint Chiefs of Staff -- Generals John Shalikashvili, Colin Powell, David Jones, and Admiral William Crowe -- have endorsed this [comprehensive nuclear test ban] treaty."

All four, not surprisingly, are members of the globalist Council on Foreign Relations to which the President also belongs. History shows that this type of treaty has been adhered to by our nation while other signers build up their military and their ability to wage nuclear war.

* "I will ask the Senate for its advice and consent to make Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic the newest members of NATO."

A subsidiary of the UN, NATO is a military alliance that commits the U.S. to military defense of all of its members. Even worse, NATO has been made over into a political and economic alliance whose ultimate purpose is to speed the U.S. into global government.

* "It's long past time to make good on our debt to the United Nations."

The President is relying only on our nation owing the UN approximately $1 billion in back dues. But the UN owes the U.S. over three times that amount in unreimbursed costs for UN peacekeeping missions. A President who truly cared for national sovereignty would raise the UN's indebtedness as he leads the U.S. out of the world body once and for all.

* "I propose that we reserve 100 percent of the [budget] surplus... to strengthen the social security system."

The President relies on the falsehood that there is a bona fide Social Security trust fund. But the Supreme Court ruled as far back as 1937 in Helvering v. Davis that all social security receipts are general revenue and cannot be earmarked in any way. Social Security remains a gigantic Ponzi scheme that should be phased out of existence, not perpetuated.

* * *

Mr. Clinton, who apparently has never had a love affair with the truth, was in rare style for his State of the Union address -- tickling the ears of those Americans more concerned with federal hand-outs and personal comfort than with demanding integrity and honesty in their public leaders. Good Americans who expect better must now step forward and be heard.



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