by Archie P. Jones


If anything is more urgently needed than a spiritual revival in American civilization it is a revival of political awareness among Bible-believing Christians. Many nominal Christians are politically active. This is part of the problem: it is the theological liberals who are politically active; the theological conservatives are not. It is easy to understand the motivation of the liberals: theirs is a religion of politics, a religion of salvation via politics, for they begin with the autonomy of man.

The chief problem lies, however, with the great majority of Bible believers. The liberals act. The conservatives don't. So the tremendous godly influence that believers could exert on American Politics is lost. By default. By neglect. But worse, by neglect of the fullness of God's word.

Some Christians neglect God's word's requirements because of ignorance; some because of laziness. Others avoid God's political requirements because they reject the apostate politics of the liberals, without going to the humanistic root of the problem of liberalism. Still others avoid biblical requirements out of false view of spirituality; viewing the material as evil, they eschew political involvement or comment. All of these views are false. Moreover, they are views which dishonor God.

God is the Creator and sustainer of all things. He upholds all things by the word of His power. Nothing in His creation is outside of His providence and control. Therefore man does not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of the Lord.

The Greeks said that politics is the architectonic science. We should expect nothing less of humanists. But obviously they were wrong. Politics cannot be the architectonic science, for politics like all human activities, is subject to the word and plan of God. God's word applies to all things — to philosophy, to science, to ethics, to law, and to all other things, including politics.

All political questions are ultimately theological questions, because God has created all things which affect the political sphere. Because He has created and ordained the laws which govern the political. And because He has created and providentially sustained or punished the very men whose thoughts and actions affect and constitute the political sphere. All political questions are ultimately theological questions because all human thoughts are ultimately godly or ungodly, biblical or apostate, thoughts, from which consequent actions follow.

All spheres of life — whether epistemology or physics, art or education, theology or sociology, or the vocations — are intimately governed by the word of God. No area is exempt. All areas are related, since the word and plan of God is a unity. All areas are thus both under the law and control of God and related to each other. All things are thus relevant to each other. But politics is not the architectonic science. Theology is. A biblical politics is not theoretically preferable it is mandatory. Only scripture has the answers to all of man's intellectual and practical problems. Humanism does not and cannot. Nor can that humanism which is liberal theology provide the answers. We needn't delineate the problems facing American and Western Civilization: their symptoms are obvious. But to the Christian it is also manifest that their roots lie in man's apostasy.

It should also be obvious to the Christian that the word of God need not be diluted or supplemented by the word of man. Furthermore, the believer may not add to or take away from God's word (Rev. 22:18, 19). And the believer has a God-ordained duty to have dominion, under God, over all the earth (Gen. 1:26-28), to occupy for Christ, till He comes (Luke 19:13). The Lord is glorified by godly thought and activity. A Christian politics is an important component of such activity, and is related to other spheres of godly activity. It is a crucial aspect of the Christian's calling and duty. It is needed by America and the world. Most importantly, it is required by our Lord and Saviour.