Christians must leave public schools
by Carol Fort


In the midst of all the controversy over how to "fix" our government schools, we need to consider an important point made by the late theologian Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen, who lectured worldwide and was the Resident Scholar for the Southern California Center for Christian Studies.

Dr. Bahnsen observed that because state-sponsored schools forbid bringing God into the picture when mathematics, history, literature, science, or anything else is taught, it follows that when our children go to these government schools, what they are being exposed to day by day by day is the attitude that God is irrelevant to most of life. These students subtly learn that if there is a God and if He is somehow relevant, it is certainly only something very private -- just a narrow slice of life, something you do at church or maybe with your family, but that God doesn't pertain to the really big issues of life. God is left out of the picture, and consequently, children learn to ignore Him.

Bahnsen further stated that if our children are going to ignore God when it comes to everything except their private devotions and church life, it's no surprise that they don't expect God's Word to say anything to them in other areas, either. And this, in itself, diminishes the respect they should have for the authority of God's Word.

So what do we do? Do we try to get "equal time" for God in the government schools, and beg the state to "grant" religious tolerance for Christianity?! Such a notion would have been viewed as intolerable by the Founding Fathers, who upheld God's sovereignty over man. They knew that only when the civil government remained subsidiary to God's sovereignty would it be a legitimate government and thereby supportable by Christians.

And, as another renown theologian, Dr. Rousas J. Rushdoony, writes, of the basic powers which Scripture gives to the family, the first is the control of children ... that the first and basic premise of paganism, socialism, and Molech worship is its claim that the state owns the child ... and that the basic premise of the public schools is its claim of ownership. But Dr. Rushdoony notes that this power belongs neither to church nor state, nor to the school, but only to the family!

Rushdoony's in depth analysis in his book, "The Messianic Character of American Education" gives insight into some of the most influential leaders of the government school movement, namely Horace Mann and John Dewey, who had one thing in common: they rejected Christ as the true Messiah and created a new messianic vision based on Darwin, Marx and Freud. A reading of this one book alone will convince any Christian that America's secular educational institutions are the primary cause of our nation's moral and spiritual decline, and that an exodus by Christians from these institutions is imperative if America is to regain its moral and spiritual health.




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