A Letter for a Politician Asking for Your Support
by Carol Fort


Dear Mr. [insert name here]:

In response to your recent campaign letter and note asking for my support, let me just say that as a theonomist, the standard I use to determine who to support consists of the following: the candidate must realize that Jesus is the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, and that the governing officials of all nations are God's "ministers" or servants, who must answer to God for how they exercise that authority. And because God holds them accountable, He also tells them the standard by which they must rule and by which they will be judged. That standard is found in the Law of God, which is a perfect reflection of God's own holy character. Herman Hocksema said it best in his book, The Amazing Cross:

There are certain unchangeable, inalienable principles to which the higher powers (the government), even in a Republic, is subject, which it may not violate, and that cannot even be submitted to the vote of the people or the will of the majority — principles which any government can only disregard and violate to its own destruction. Higher than the highest powers in this world is the eternal and unchangeable, objective Law of God, and beyond the reach of the power of the state is the Word of God as contained in the Holy Scriptures. I protest that no government can have the authority to make laws contrary to the Law of God, and insist that by doing so, nevertheless, it destroys the very foundations of society and of the state.

The late theologian, Dr. Greg Bahnsen, explained how a biblical civil government should operate in his audio series, Jesus is Lord Over All: The Myth of Neutrality,  when he stated,  “The government does not make truth, but is subject to the truth. The state does not create principles of righteousness and justice, but it must ask for the will of God. Nor may these eternal and unchangeable principles of righteousness and truth be submitted to the vote of the people, as if the will of the majority could have the right to set aside the Law of God, or have authority to determine what shall be regarded as the truth. True liberty consists in harmony with the will of God, never in violation of it.”

It would be good to hear that you intend to conduct the duties of the office you seek using this same criteria. It is crucial that we have civil magistrates who are committed to "holding the bottom line," regardless of public opinion.





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