Clinton on Hitler's "Christianity"

Without provoking a syllable of subsequent criticism from the Christians in attendance at the February 4th National Prayer Breakfast, Bill Clinton told his audience that "Adolph Hitler preached a perverted form of Christianity...." Bearing in mind that Mr. Clinton takes pains to be seen and photographed each week exiting church, his Bible conspicuously in view, and also that he is given to pontificating about the "lessons of history;' it is fair to perceive his comment as either the product of culpable ignorance or premeditated slander.

In 1942, Martin Bormann, who at the time was the second-highest ranking member of Germany's National Socialist (Nazi) Party hierarchy, issued a secret memo to Party district leaders to emphasize the fact that "National Socialist and Christian concepts are incompatible." Referring to "the ideological hostility" directed against the Nazi Party by Christians throughout the Reich, Bormann explained that "the Evangelical Church poses us with the same hostility as the Catholic Church" and predicted that in the future "it must be made absolutely impossible for the Church to exercise its old influence" in Germany and wherever else the Swastika flew in triumph.

"Hitler was made possible by the triumph of scientific naturalism in Europe, not by organized religion," points out Rabbi Daniel Lapin in his valuable new book, America's Real War. "Nazism was, after all, 'National Socialism,' and any form of socialism has intellectual roots in the secular Left, not the religious Right." At great personal peril, recalls Rabbi Lapin, "in Lutheran countries such as Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, devout Christians, and often the church leadership itself, turned the rescuing of Jews into a religious mission.... Many Catholic and Protestant church leaders in Europe realized that Hitler hated God and the church. Many lost their lives. Only a society in which the church had already been weakened could breed Nazism."

Although he hated God, Hitler was rapturously in love with himself and his movement was built upon institutionalized loyalty to his person — fuhrerprinzip. The Democratic Party's prevailing doctrine, which holds loyalty to Bill Clinton above fidelity to the law or to the Constitution, is near kindred to the Nazis' pernicious doctrine. As to Bill Clinton's self-infatuation a trait he shares with the late, unlamented Fuhrer — one need look no further than this presidential remark from the January 25th "Fifth Millennium Evening" at the White House: "You all know that I am a walking apostle of hope and progress." Worry not, however: The Apostle of Hope assures us that he bears his mantle "without arrogance, [and] with appropriate humility."




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