Studies in Reformed

God's Law or Chaos
God's Law or Tyranny
God's Law or God's Judgment

Millions of Christians, sadly, have not recognized the continuing authority of God's law or its many applications to modern society. They have thereby reaped the whirlwind: cultural and intellectual impotence. They have surrendered this world to the devil. They have implicitly denied the power of the death and resurrection of Christ. They have served as footstools of the enemies of God. But humanism's free ride is coming to an end. This journal serves as an introduction to this woefully neglected topic.

Journal Contents       volume 9 // number 2           1999
Theological issues:
What Most People Don't
Understand About Christian Education
by Terrill I. Elniff
What's Really Wrong With Public Schools?
by David H. Chilton
Civil Government: The Neglected Ministry,
by Archie P. Jones
Book Review: The New King James Bible,
by David H. Chilton
Political Issues:
The Perestroika Deception (part II)
by William F. Jasper
Enemies in Academe,
by Samuel L. Blumenfeld
Socialism and Christianity,
by Gary Benoit
Quartered Among Us,
by J.R.A. Davidson
Bill Clinton on Hitler's "Christianity"
Battling the Impeachment Sham,
by John F. McManus

Basic Dictionary of Theological Terms

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