Anti-Fluoride Research Caries the Day

Remember when people who protested fluoridating municipal water supplies were considered "wackos?" Perhaps the tide is finally turning.

Recently, Dr. Hardy Limeback, Canada's foremost promoter of fluoridation, head of Preventive Dentistry, University of Toronto and President of the Canadian Association of Dental Research, told his colleagues and students that he had unintentionally misled them. "For the past 15 years, I had refused to study the toxicology information that is readily available to anyone. Poisoning our children was the furthest thing from my mind." Among the findings that finally opened Dr. Limeback's eyes was a recent study at the University of Toronto which confirmed that: "Residents of cities that fluoridate have double the fluoride in their hip bones vis-à-vis the balance of the population. Worse, we discovered that fluoride is actually altering the basic architecture of human bones." Skeletal fluorosis is a debilitating condition that occurs when fluoride accumulates in bones, making them extremely weak and brittle. The earliest symptoms? "Mottled and brittle teeth," said Dr. Limeback. "In Canada we are now spending more money treating dental flurosis than we do treating cavities. That includes my own practice."

—Barry Forbes, Mesa, Arizona Tribune