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The Rapture Cult Reveals How Religious Zeal
Can Neutralize Good, Politically Active Americans

  • The 7 Deadly Neutralizers (p.13)
  • The Deadliest Neutralizer (p.13)
  • The Biblical Destruction Group (p.19)
  • Tell-tale Symptoms (p.23)
  • "There are [only] two sides to every question" (p. 25)
  • Born in Scotland--Reared in England (p.30)
  • The Great Paper War 1897-1902 (p.36)
  • We Lost. Who Won? (p.37)
  • Fingerprints of the Unseen Hand (p.49)
  • Robert Welch Warned Us (p.51)
  • Codes, Ciphers, and Cryptograms (p.55)
  • "The Most Stupendous Fallacy" (p.60)
  • Pinning the Tail on the Beast (p.60)
  • The Burning Question Today is...(p.76)

Premise of The Rapture Cult

The premise of this book is that many good, Americans are duped into believing that it is useless to oppose the evils of our day since the Second Coming will solve all earthly problems for Christians. They are told that they should spend their entire spare time working for the church and winning souls, in preparation for the imminent "rapture of the saints." This term is used to describe the anticipated secret return to earth of Christ, who would come to remove all true Christians from the earth prior to the terrible tribulation which is to follow. Because they feel that they won't be here to experience anything, why fight the battle against evil anymore? Thus they are neutralized in the battle against evil and spend their days watching and waiting for the rapture that will come and deliver them just before the world is overtaken by the evils of Socialism and the New World Order. This book causes Christians everywhere to take a second look at the "rapture of the saints" theory proposed by Scofieldian literature and questions the methods and mission of Scofield, the originator of this theory. Could Scofields theory really be a tool of the enemy to neutralize those who would otherwise fight the battle for freedom? Theres only one way to find out! Order your copy of The Rapture Cult Today!


Who Should Read This Book?

This book is addressed not only to Americanists* everywhere, but to all Americans who love their country and who are determined to preserve its blessings for future generations. It is our hope that the book may be helpful not only in arming active Americanists with information heretofore unavailable, but also in awakening those good Americans who are still slumbering. *An Americanist is defined as a citizen of any country who works positively and aggressively to promote individual freedom and responsibility, using only those means which are moral, legal, and ethical.

About the Author

Robert L. Pierce joined The John Birch Society in 1962, and served as a Chapter Leader from 1963, and a volunteer Section Leader from 1964 until his death in 1998. He became a Christian in 1963 as a direct result of having first become a Bircher. A chemical engineer by profession, he made his living in research and development work within the synthetic textile fibers industry.