And Jesus came and spake unto them, saying, All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth (Matthew 28:18).

To put it briefly, the good guy has already won. If He is Lord of your life, in principle so have you.

What is the main problem we face? Conspiracies? No. The real problem is the set of moral, intellectual, and economic ideas that the West's voters have accepted as valid that have led to their partial enslavement. The conspirators use these false religious principles to control Western societies. These false principles include the following:

1. Mankind is essentially unified.

2. There are no conflicting moral issues that divide people permanently.

3. Man must "take control" of man.

4. Mankind will eventually evolve into a "higher species" — a "leap of being."

5. Elite planners can use the laws of evolution to speed up this evolutionary process.

6. Men can be saved through State legislation.

7. Men can be saved through education.

8. Ideology is irrelevant; only "interests" count.

9. "Deprived" individuals are not personally responsible for their acts.

10. The State is the primary welfare agency rather than the family.

11. The State should redistribute wealth to benefit "the People."

12. The State must protect inefficient producers from free market competition.

13. The State must supervise education.

14. We need to construct a one-State world in order to achieve peace, freedom, and prosperity.

When a majority of voters accept a majority of these premises, the triumph of one or another conspiratorial group is assured. It is by means of these man-worshipping, State-worshipping ideas that conspirators enlarge the power of civil government, and it is by the power of civil government that they rule. To attempt to remove the ruling conspiracies without first removing most people's confidence in these false ideas is about as useful an effort as a condemned man's switching from hanging to the firing squad. Jesus described the results of such a self-defeating "housecleaning":

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and finding none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there .... (Matthew 12:43-45a).

The owner of the house is worse off than he was when he started. This is the legacy of all political revolutions that are not grounded in biblical principles of social order. Men "throw the rascals out," only to find that a worse gang of rascals has replaced the first one.

The Gnostic Heresy

The ancient gnostics believed that man is saved by secret knowledge. They believed that man needs to be liberated from this world of matter and elevated, through secret initiation and certain ascetic techniques, into the realm of spirit. Certain groups of contemporary "New Age" humanists hold a very similar viewpoint. Unfortunately, there are a lot of Christians and far too many "we must reveal the conspiracy" fanatics who have adopted a variation of this ancient heresy. Their "secret initiation" into knowledge about their enemies, whether their enemy is the devil (in the case of Christian investigators) or the conspiracy (in the case of radical conservatives or leftists) serves them as a psychological justification for doing nothing. They think that just knowing more and more about "the Conspiracy" relieves them from doing anything about it. Their endless studying is an excuse for their inactivity. They spend their time with other similarly minded people, enjoying the impotent luxury of exchanging secret phases and knowledge of secret things. They have imitated their enemies; they have created their own inner ring — a secret ring which knows all about their enemy's secret ring. They become hypnotized with "circles within circles." Their great spiritual enemy thereby removes them from the real fight.

A continuing theme in this book is that we are not saved by knowledge. We are also not saved by power. We are saved by grace through faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, because He was God's substitute sacrifice for sinful men. Christ's victory over Satan and sin is in principle our personal and corporate victory over Satan and sin, in every area of life, including politics. Christianity is the dominion religion. It is not the power religion, nor is it the escape religion.1

The first thing to recognize in this cosmic struggle is that those who seek power through manipulation or through execution have in principle lost the battle. They lost it almost 2,000 years ago. They hold power temporarily. Although they are accomplished power manipulators, power is not the issue; ethics is the issue. God and His law are the issue. "Some trust in chariots, and some in horses: but we will remember the name of the LoRD our God" (Psalm 20:7). "The chariots of God are twenty thousand, even thousands of angels" (Psalm 68:17a).

Our opponents are not supermen. They are not the masters of history. They are the heads of multinational banks that have more bad loans on their books than they have equity capital. They are the heads of oil companies that face the possibility of an oil glut and a collapse of oil prices. They are the people who gave us Jimmy Carter. They are not so smart. Or better put, they are way too smart for their own good (and ours). In any case, it isn't a question of brain power; it is a question of ethical standing before God the Judge.

Second, our opponents believe in the power religion. They have become skilled at the capture and retention of power. It is their way of life. Thus, they will not be displaced easily. Reading books about the conspiracy will not displace them. Voting for their hand-picked Presidential candidates every four years will not displace them. We will not be delivered by books or Presidential races. We should not place false hope in programs that are futile, or even self-destructive.

Replacement, Not Simply Exposure

For the sake of argument, let us say that two possibilities lie ahead. The first is that a group of principled people who are utterly ignorant of the conspiracy are in a position to replace each conspirator in whatever office or job that is presently held by conspirators. The second possibility is that this same principled group can gain almost perfect knowledge about every aspect of the conspiracy, but in doing so, they use up all of their spare time. Which would you prefer, ignorant victory or well-informed defeat?

You may respond, "no one can replace the conspirators who does not know all about them. Knowledge comes first." But does it? What did the people of Israel know about the gods of Canaan that governed the promised land? Not much. They were not supposed to know much about them, either; God forbade them from even mentioning the names of these gods (Exodus 23:13). Nevertheless, God led them to victory over these gods under Joshua.

What did the Apostles know about Roman law or Roman military tactics? Not much, but God defeated the Roman Empire and used His people to replace the older Roman leadership. Christians by the year 325 were the only group left in Rome which was sufficiently moral and sufficiently productive to take over the administration of the crumbling Empire. Yet they had been outcasts: persecuted, politically inexperienced outcasts. All they had was a moral vision. All they had was perseverance. All they had was God.

It is not knowledge which saves us. What saves us is grace. What saves a society is the covenantal faithfulness of its people.

Our job is not to "throw the rascals out" in one glorious national election. Our job is to replace them steadily by our own competence. God did not promise Moses that the Hebrews would conquer the Canaanites overnight. On the contrary, He promised to preserve the Canaanites until their day of judgment had come, city by city, year by year:

I will send my fear before thee, and will destroy all the people to whom thou shalt come, and I will make all thine enemies turn their backs unto thee. And I will send hornets before thee, which shall drive out the Hivite, the Canaanite, and the Hittite, from before thee. I will not drive them from before thee in one year; lest the land become desolate, and the beast of the field multiply against thee. By little and little I will drive them out from before thee, until thou hast increased, and inherit the land (Exodus 23:27-30).

God promised them victory. He promises us victory, too. But this victory is a slow, continual process. It is victory through competence. It is victory through steady, long-term replacement. We need the conspirators to "mind the land" while we are preparing ourselves for full-time, comprehensive biblical service. Never forget, we still have essentially a free market society. The conspirators have to make a living, just as we do. They also have to meet a market. They also have to serve the consumers in order to make a profit. The West's markets are only partially rigged. Government-created, government-protected monopolies are only marginally powerful in most cases. If the conspirators were to go on strike overnight in their capacity as economic producers, the whole economy would topple.. We are not yet ready to lead, any more than the Israelites were in Moses' day. It is our job to prepare ourselves for competitive free market service in every area of life. If we do this, and do it diligently, our victory is assured. Until we do, a victory would only humiliate us.

What good has a 30-year program of exposure done so far? Hundreds of anti-conspiracy books were published, 1965-85, yet hardly one of them can be bought at any book store today, and very few are still in print. They were not suppressed by the conspirators; they were ignored by them. They were ignored by practically everyone else, too.

My point is simple: such books are curiosities, not solutions. They have led in the past to paralysis. Only a positive program of self-conscious Christian reconstruction can counter the power and influence of the conspirators. Only a comprehensive program based on good ideas can defeat an entrenched political order based on universally shared bad ideas. In short, you can't beat something with nothing. You have to fight something evil with something good.

What Is to Be Done?

This was the question Lenin asked in his famous pamphlet. It had been asked by Russian revolutionaries for a generation. A counter-offensive is called for. Not a defensive holding action. Not a retreat into the historical shadows. It must be a bottom-up, decentralized offensive campaign. The top-down, centralized strategy is the strategy of our opponents. What we need is a long-term grass roots campaign at every level of politics, economics, and institutional influence, in every region of the country — indeed, every region of the world.

This will happen when God's people faithfully begin to sacrifice for a long-term program of comprehensive redemption.2 They must first assume that when God saves men's hearts, He intends thereby to save every area of life touched by redeemed men's hearts — every relationship and every institution. To aim at less is to default to the devil. To grant the devil a single square inch of legitimate authority is to capitulate in principle to his program. What we need is a four-fold program:

1. The will to ethics

2. The will to resist

3. The will to self-education

4. The will to dominion

We need to act righteously, whatever the cost, but do so on the basis of true knowledge, in order to roll back Satan's kingdom of illegitimate power.

There are many books on the conspiracies of this world. What there has not been is a serious, long-term, multiple level, yet decentralized counter-offensive against the forces of evil. Conservative organizations have come and gone, but still the power-brokers remain entrenched in the seats of power. They still make deals with our mortal enemies. All the paperback exposes since 1961 have done nothing to roll back the illegitimate profits of the deal-doers. We are not saved by knowledge, nor are they particularly threatened by it. Paperback books will not dislodge them. A principled, long-term, ethics-based counter-offensive will dislodge them. Shrink the State!

[Written, remember, in 1985:] I propose a program. Some variant of this program must be adopted if we are to have any meaningful hope in recapturing the machinery of civil government, the media, and the educational institutions. It will be done. It has already begun. How long it will take is problematical; I think we will begin to see major victories before the year 2005. In two decades, our enemies will begin to feel the pressure; possibly sooner. They act as though they are on the offensive, but in fact they are already on the defensive. We need to be prepared to replace them in every area of life when the spiritual revival comes. This means that we need years of patient hard work in order to gain the experience we need to lead. There is no quick fix. We need the same kind of experience that David gained in the years that King Saul pursued him.

What I outline here is only an outline. Many steps are left out, and almost all the details. But something like this must develop if we are to preserve our declining freedoms.


You must start where you are. You must begin to take seriously the responsibilities God has assigned to you locally. "Think globally, work locally" is a biblical principle.


Are you a member of a committed church? The "litmus tests" of serious Christian commitment for a church are twofold:

1. Does it operate (or support) a Christian day school?

2. Is the pastor actively involved in the battle against abortion, including picketing abortion centers?

If the answer is "no" to both questions, try to get your church involved in these issues before you go to stage two, your program of anti-conspiratorial action. These are the first two programs that a church needs in a first-stage battle against any group of conspirators. If your church refuses to get involved in either project, find a new church. But do find one. This battle cannot be won alone. Radical individualism is the counsel of despair. This is a covenantal fight which will be won by covenantally faithful people. We are up against organized forces.

Let us assume that your church supports a Christian school and is actively involved in the fight against abortion. You now know who the "doers" are in the church — the people who are involved in the school and the fight against abortion. They have identified themselves. This is exactly what you need.

You need to .join a local congregation that is doing something positive in the community. The church's officers should have a vision for making the community a better place to live. Maybe it offers marital counselling, or projects that help the poor. But it should be doing something.3 It should not be sitting in the sidelines of life waiting for the Rapture.


Are your children enrolled in a private school? If not, stop worrying about some distant conspiracy. Anyone who gets himself in a dither about "the conspiracy this" or "the conspiracy that," but has not taken care to see that his children are in a humanism-free intellectual environment, is using his interest in the conspiracy deflect him from the important affairs of life. Until you cease "tithing your children" to the State, you are far too vulnerable to the enemy for you to begin a counter-offensive against him. You have turned your children's minds and environment over to the statist enemy. First things first: get them into a Christian school, or into a home school environment. Look in the Yellow Pages for the telephone numbers of local Christian schools or churches that operate schools.

If you cannot locate a good school, consider a home school curriculum. You would be amazed at how much an untrained mother can teach children, especially those under the sixth grade. There are many available curriculum materials, but two good programs are these:

Covenant Home Curriculum
17700 W. Capitol Dr.
Brookfield, WI 53045

Christian Liberty Academy
502 W. Euclid Ave.
Arlington Heights, IL 60004

Grandparents should offer to help subsidize tuition payments for their grandchildren. Forget about big annual Christmas expenditures. Buy the kids a few books each Christmas, and then help finance their attendance at a school which will teach them how to read them.

Have you seen to it that every teenager in your house has read this book, and other books on similar topics? What good does it do if your next door neighbor or some colleague at work reads and believes in this story, but your children go off to university never having heard anything about it? Are your children involved in summer reading or summer seminar programs?

A good two-week-long summer educational program for students age 16 or older is run by Rev. David Noebel. There is also a two-week course held at Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee each summer. There are also a dozen one-week regional seminars for students age 13 and up.

Summit Ministries
P.O. Box 207
Manitou Springs, CO 80829
(719) 685-9103

There is also a one-year video program, Understanding the Times, which is in use in 750 Christian high schools. This parallels Dr. Noebel's book, Understanding the Times ($36.95).


The principle of localism is fundamental. It has been the suicidal urge of political conservatives to focus on the "big issues" at the national level, where their nearly invisible political opponents have long since mastered the art of deception. What we need is to develop skills on the local level before we can hope to defeat our opponents nationally. The county courthouse, the local school board, the city council: here are our initial targets.4 If we cannot win here, why should we expect to win nationally? Is it pride which motivates good people with minimal skills to seek the highest offices first? The biblical principle of authority is clear: success first in the family, then in the church, then in civil and social affairs. Success in the little things of life is to precede any attempts to master the big things of life.

Where should the little person begin? Wherever he has legitimate responsibility. After he has managed well here, he can begin to think about increasing his authority. He must resist at all costs a premature grabbing of the robes of authority. That was Adam's sin. He just wouldn't wait.

Here is my recommended initial program of self-improvement. It must precede other "more impressive" programs of political reconstruction.

1. Prayer (personal and corporate)

2. Study (personal and corporate)

3. Local recruiting (evangelism)

4. Local confrontations (abortion, public schools, Planned Parenthood)

5. Creating newspaper clipping files for future reference

6. Continual monitoring of local elected representatives and board meetings

7. Continual monitoring of public school curriculum materials

8. Identifying local supporters or potential supporters on an issue-by-issue basis

9. Building a mailing list on an issue-by-issue basis

What kind of skills are involved? First and foremost, the skills of long-term commitment and permanent self-discipline. Only a minority of people possess such skills. This is why minorities always rule. This is why all institutions require representative government.

Second, there must be organizational skills. This may only be a willingness to put together a shoebox filing system that uses 3 by 5 inch note cards. It probably involves a willingness to buy an IBM PC clone with a gigabyte of hard disk and an introductory data base program, such as Claris Works or Lotus Approach. Claris Works has a very good word processing program and a spreadsheet built in. It is an all-in-one package. (So is Microsoft Works, but I like Claris Works better.)

Third, there must be personal communication skills. Any motivation and education program requires people who can speak to others face to face, hand out a newsletter, present a petition, invite to a meeting, etc. These may not be the organizers or the public speakers, but they are vital.

At the national level, two training programs stand out, the first for political candidates and campaign managers, and the second for college students.

Free Congress Foundation
721 Second St., N.E.
Washington, D.C. 20002

Leadership Institute
8001 Braddock Rd., Suite 502
Springfield, VA 22151

These political projects involve very specialized skills. Such skills are seldom possessed by any one person. A cooperative effort is called for. In short, Christian reconstruction necessarily involves covenants: family, church, and civil.5 Success cannot come on the basis of pure individualism.

Study Groups

You have read this book. You are convinced that something needs to be done. You may not be certain just what needs to be done, but you understand that the church needs to get involved. But what if your pastor is unaware of the material in this book? Give him a copy and ask him to evaluate it. See what he thinks. He may never have heard of any of this before.

On the other hand, he may know more about it than he lets on. He may know enough not to want to get involved. Almost no pastor ever wants to deal with these issues from the pulpit. It is risky. He may alienate some church members. If he were to preach about the problem, it would also require him to come up with concrete, biblical answers to the problems raised by this book. Very few pastors believe that the Bible really and truly speaks specifically to modern social, political, and economic questions. (Example: ask your pastor what the biblical criticism of the Federal Reserve System is. There is one.6 Does he know what the answer is? Does he even know what the Federal Reserve System is? This is not the sort of question that most pastors seek answers to in the Bible.)

Furthermore, most pastors hold a pessimistic view of the future. They believe that Christian people will not be able to reverse the world's slide into chaos. They do not believe that God has a program of comprehensive redemption which is going to become visible across the earth before Jesus returns physically and ends history at the final judgment. Such an era of victory is what the Bible teaches.7 Not many pastors believe this, however. Since they think Christians cannot win, they hesitate to get involved in a long-term battle against political evil. Why get involved in a losing cause? They prefer to stay on the sidelines. It is safer to preach other kinds of sermons.

What can you do about this? Not much. You can set up a quiet study group for church members. I have outlined how students can do this on campus. You can imitate it. I include this very practical section in my highly controversial little paperback book, 75 Bible Questions Your Instructors Pray You Won't Ask: How to Spot Humanism in the Classroom or Pulpit. You can order a copy for $5.95, plus a dollar for postage, from

Institute for Christian Economics
P O. Box 8000
Tyler, TX 75711

To say that 75 Bible Questions is controversial is an understatement. Pastors do not want their members reading such material. What if your pastor tells you to stop having study groups? You may choose to stop them, but you can still hand out copies of Conspiracy: A Biblical View — not to everyone (most people aren't ready for it), but to interested people. Let word of mouth tell the story. You need not become very visible if you choose not to.

You need to show considerable judgment in who you invite to investigate the problem of conspiracy. If someone in your church were dying of an incurable disease, would you rush to him and hand him a copy of this book? Is that what he needs at this point? Or what if there is some young couple which is having deep marital troubles. What if they are talking about divorce? Is their highest priority item a knowledge of conspiracies? What of the new convert, or the mentally disturbed person who is suffering from depression? Is that the person you are trying to recruit?

No, what you need is a stable person, someone who is in a position to take a leadership position some day. This is the kind of person that the conspirators try to recruit. So should you. You need a person who reads, votes, donates his time and money to charities, takes his kids on vacation each year, and generally is a credit to God's kingdom. You should not be trying to recruit the walking wounded, the spiritual basket cases who wind up in the church. You need to be highly selective in recruiting people to the cause.

You need self-evaluation, too. Are you perceived as a "red hot"? Are you perceived as a loose loaded cannon rattling around on the deck? Are you noted for your temporary commitment to this or that cause to "save the world"   —  causes that usually fail, and which have yet to save the world? If so, you are a liability in the battle against conspiracies. Stay on the sidelines in this fight. Get involved in some other cause, such as bake sales or visiting the old folks home. You have to demonstrate that you are a worthy follower before anyone is going to believe that you are a potential leader. You need to "wait tables" for a few years, the way deacons should before becoming elders (Acts 6:2).


As anyone can see, there is a great deal to be done. There is therefore a great deal that anyone can do at several levels. Anyone who asks rhetorically, "But what can I do?" now has some very specific answers. This rhetorical question is not to become an excuse for inaction. If you do nothing now, you have no excuse.

Do I expect a flood of thousands of letters from dedicated people who have decided to get involved in one or more of the projects I have listed in this chapter? Of course not. Not one person in a hundred, if that, will respond by letter. But perhaps five or six per hundred who read this book will begin to do something, even though they never identify themselves by letter. Maybe a few hundred churches will at least begin to get involved in stage two, the stage beyond the Christian school fight and the abortion fight. If there is no response to the conspiracy's challenge, then the Spirit of God will pass over this generation just as surely as He passed over Moses' generation, which died in the wilderness. But if just a handful respond in our day, and adopt a vision of victory, then we will be as Joshua's generation: victorious on all fronts. God chooses the foolish of this world to confound the wise (I Corinthians 1:20). Gideon's experience proves that it only takes a handful of dedicated righteous people to achieve a victory.

So what about you? What will you do? At the very least, begin to monitor at least one of the special-interest groups of self-anointed elite planners. The Appendix gives you the names and addresses of several. Get on some mailing lists and see what they are up to. Find out who they are, too. Know your enemy. And then discipline yourself to become sufficiently efficient to replace him, at least at the local level.


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4 The goal of controlling the local public school board is not to make the public schools a good place for Christian students. Christian students should not be in tax-supported schools. The goal is to say "no" to every request by every teachers union, to say "no" to every liberal humanist textbook salesman, and to stop floating school bond proposals. The school board's job is to cut back on spending in every area, but especially the salaries of school administrators. It is also important to expel every delinquent on campus, including faculty members.

5 Ray Sutton, That You May Prosper: Dominion By Covenant (Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, 1987).

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